OASIS Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness

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Oasis Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness

OASIS Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness

A Real Nature Park for everyone, especially for families and children, all ages
  • EcoVita Estate and Nature Park
    • The Nature Park with parrots and other tropical birds, select small rare and endangered/protected species (lizards, amphibians, mammals), and local animals kept either domesticated or wild on the property (e.g., environments attractive to local species of birds and other animals). This comprises forest, fields, and cleared areas, with some buildings, and it constitutes the largest unit within the overall property. In essence, EcoVita Estate comprises the entire EcoVita property, but only a portion is used as the Nature Park and is accessible to public visitors.
    • The Nature Park includes:
      • Indoor and Outdoor Aviary (including facilities for non-bird animals)
      • Indoor and Outdoor Botanical Garden (specializing in medicinal health-nourishing herbs & other plants)
      • Outdoor Mineral Garden (containing also special plants, shrubs and trees)
      • Indoor Mineral Room (specializing in crystals and fluorescent minerals)
    • Within the Park are offered a variety of special programs for education, apprenticeship training and health, including the Nature-Water-Sail Therapy Program, in conjunction with Oasis Clinic and medical partners.

  • OASIS Clinic
    (OASIS Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness)
    As described at www.oasisclinic.tdyn.org, this is not a formal medical inpatient/outpatient clinic, but, with an experienced medical and psychological staff, it offers health and vitality-oriented consulting, education, and some direct experiential services and treatments that are appropriate for EcoVita, including professional referral relationships with neurological, psychological, and other professional provider-partners in the NW Michigan and greater-Michigan region.

    The OASIS Clinic, and the whole EcoVita environment, are the host and base for the inceptional family-inspired, family-created

    Movement and Programs
    for Neurological Disorders and Diseases

    Visit www.oasisclinic.tdyn.org and learn more!

    Included within the clinic will be:

    • Laboratorium: Mobile testing and treatment facilities, provided by partner hospitals and medical clinics, providing such tests as neurofilament light (NfL), functional MRI (fMRI) and anti-oxidant analysis (AOA), and treatments including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and photobiomodulation (PBM).

    • Librarium: The OAsis Clinic resources for patients, families, providers, care-givers and friends, is entirely integrated with the LIBRARIUM Program of TETRAD Institute.

    • Balnearium: a modern thermal spa facility – hot mineral water, steam, dry sauna, massage. In the near future, there will be an onsite biomagnetics clinic offering TMS, PBM and related therapies.

  • OASIS Cafe and Bistro
    A European-style cafe offering coffees, teas, light snacks and pastries, and occasional musical performances. Style (architecture, décor, food) is a creative blend of French, Austrian, and Scandinavian. On select special evenings there are full dinner offerings, but this is not operated as a regular restaurant.

    There are two adjoining sections, with easy passage from one to the other, but they are distinct:

    • Cafe – focus on coffees, teas, other beverages, and a fairly regular fare of food offerings; the atmosphere and style is “mixed-Euro” but mostly Scandinavian, or perhaps more Austrian (Viennese)
    • Bistro – focus on French and Northern European style foods, a changing menu of specialties; the atmosphere and style is French with some aspects of Scandinavian.
    Customers can choose from one or the other “main room” setting and can move from one to the other easily. In both parts one can obtain any types of the offered beverages.

  • Green Parrot Brewery
    A Craft brewery and pub. The pub serves these and other beers, in a spirit and practice of moderation and healthy care, plus local wines and distilled spirits, with are pub foods in the traditional British and Scandinavian styles but with some aspects of Caribbean cuisines and tastes also.

    Music performances of English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish instrumentals and singing are also scheduled for special occasions.

  • EcoVita Conference Hall
    A large room that can easily be subdivided into as many as four separate small rooms, and used for seminars, lectures, and meetings. This serves all the educational and group-STEM meeting needs that will arise, for visitors to EcoVita (including people coming to OASIS Clinic special events), and for visiting scholars and other professionals working with TETRAD Institutes . If events require larger spaces, then events be held at nearby Interlochen Center for the Arts (www.interlochen.org) or elsewhere @ Traverse City.

  • Great Circle Craftworks
    This is all in one building with several components, comprising an active craftsmaking workshop consisting of: Forge (blacksmithing, casting and metalwork) Kiln (clay, ceramics and glass) Studio 1 (painting and drawing) Studio 2 (stonework and sculpture)

  • Mirnova Gallery
    Art gallery with paintings, sculptures, and different crafts made at the EcoVita Craftworks or by other artisans, and including stone, ceramic, metal, glass, and other art forms.

  • EcoVita Energy Park
    A walk-through area, both indoors and outdoors, that shows and demonstrates many different types of new, alternative, “green” energy technologies and systems, all of which are being used as part of the EcoVita power grid, and all of which are provided by a variety of manufacturers and system providers, and available for purchase by visitors for their own uses (home, business). These include one or more working systems of the following types:
    • solar (silicon cells)
    • solar (polymer circuits)
    • wind (VAWT – vertical airfoil wind turbine)
    • wave/tidal
    • fuel cell (hydrogen)
    • micro-hydroelectric
    • biomass
    • gravity-based energy storage (e.g., mineshaft and reservoir types)

  • EcoVita Inn
    Small hotel with approx. 12 rooms, each in a distinctive architectural style and décor. Styles may include traditional/ethnic Scandinavian, Austrian, Russian, Mediterranean.